Facilities Support Specialist

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Facilities Support Specialist is tasked with ensuring the maintenance and functionality of all building areas, facilitating room setups, and providing general maintenance services to uphold an environment of excellence across the college campus.

Reporting to:

Facilities Manager

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

- Collaborate closely with the Facilities Manager to manage room changes, event preparations, and daily maintenance requirements.

- Execute general building maintenance tasks.

- Undertake project management duties as required.

- Ensure all facilities are prepared and operational for classes, events, and meetings.

- Perform light construction work.

- Attend light plumbing tasks (e.g., replacement of sensor batteries and toilet plunging).

- Address light electrical issues (e.g., changing bulbs, some ballasts).

- Conduct carpet cleaning and painting tasks.

- Execute pressure washing duties.

- Maintain trash-free grounds.

- Ensure the upkeep of vehicles, trailers, and golf carts (fueling, oil changes, tire maintenance, etc.).

- Develop preparation plans for all events in advance.

- Coordinate cleaning schedules based on daily and event-specific needs.

- Set up and dismantle tables and chairs as required.

- Ensure all equipment is returned to designated storage areas.

- Maintain clean and functional bathrooms (e.g., faucets, commodes).

- Perform any other related duties as assigned.


- Demonstrated ability to work independently and without supervision.

- Proven capability to follow detailed instructions and complete tasks autonomously.

- Strong leadership skills with the ability to provide clear direction when necessary.

- Resilience and ability to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations.

- Excellent prioritization and time management skills.

- Proficiency in identifying and communicating potential issues.

- Advanced problem-solving abilities.

- Ability to remain composed while working in a fast-paced environment.

- Willingness to support campus events, orientation, student recruitment, and retention efforts.

- Commitment to representing the College positively at all times.

- Active involvement in the Church of the Highlands and Highlands College community.

- Adherence to the College's Statement of Faith and Core Values.

- Basic understanding of machine operations and processes.

- Familiarity with the company's organizational structure and procedures.

Required Qualifications:

- 2 to 5 years of prior experience in a similar role.

Extent of Public Contact:

- Medium

Physical Demands:

- Moderate exposure to physical risk.

- Good physical condition is required due to the nature of the role and commitment to a thriving team environment.